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The Age Verification Providers Association

Maintaining high standards in age verification


The Age Verification Providers Association is a not-for-profit trade body representing organisations who provide age verification services.

The AVPA believes that age verification provides significant benefits to consumers, businesses and society.

As an association, we work to:

  • Inform and educate the public, industry, and media, on age verification solutions and technology.
  • Promote a positive image of effective age verification and the age verification industry.
  • Represent the industry to regulators and law makers for the advancement of best practice, socially-responsible age verification policy.

The AVPA was formed in 2018 from organisations involved in the UK’s Digital Policy Alliance age verification working group, and created and in response to a need for a uniform voice for of the industry.

The AVPA is governed by a representative Board drawn from its member organisations.



It is a natural instinct to safeguard our children as they grow up. We place limitations on our children for their own safety, protecting them, restricting their access to activities or content that are deemed unsuitable for their age.


Protections are already written into law – hundreds of categories of products and services are age-restricted, from products such alcoholic beverages and lottery tickets through to medicines and fireworks. Law-makers worldwide are catching up with the offline world and affording the same protections for children online.

Social Responsibility

It is not only parents’ responsibility to protect their children, but all adults. The most vulnerable children in our society are often those whose parents are not in a position to protect them.. One would have little sympathy for a merchant selling alcohol or cigarettes to children on the grounds that their parents were not there to stop the transaction.


To ensure that children do not get access to things they should not, organisations of all kinds need to confirm the age of the individuals they interact with. Our members provide the technologies that allow organisations selling age-restricted goods and services to stay compliant.

To be eligible to join as a full member your organisation will need to be providing or wishing to provide third-party age verification services.


To begin your membership application or to request further information, please complete the form below.


Membership to AVPA is open to businesses that provide age verification services to organisations needing to verify the age of their customers.

Our members provide age verification services to organisations around the globe, providing millions of checks annually, across a diverse range of industries.

Membership enquiries: please use the form above.


Membership enquiries: please use the form above.

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